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Peter King

Nietzsche: Roundup • Atheism o Thinks that atheism is one of the main ways in which the ascetic ideal is realized and an important part in the development of humanity o In Genealogy 2.20 he argues that there is an inevitable move to an all- powerful single deity to whom all debts are owed, who is the ultimate subject of our sense of guilt, and that the “victory of atheism” leads to overcoming the sense of guilt  In 3.24 shows us how this is connected with philosophy  We too still take our fire from that great fire that was ignited by a thousand-year-old belief, that belief of Christians, which was also Plato’s belief, that God is truth, that truth is divine... But what if God Himself proves to be our longest lie?... Because the ascetic ideal has until now been lord over all philosophy, because truth was posited as being, as God, as highest authority; because truth was simply not permitted to be a problem. Do you understand this “permitted”? —From the moment belief in the god of the ascetic ideal is negated, there is also a new problem: that of the value of truth.— The will to truth is in need of a critique—let us thus define our own task—the value of truth is for once to be experimentally called into question... o Philosophers are thus (somehow) at the vanguard: their commitment to truth puts them I the perfect position to be the ones who call its value into question, because they are the first to recognize that there are only perspectives • Perspectivism o There is a disinterested and impartial standpoint from which to consider and assess/evaluate human activity  This moral ‘point of view’ is unreal, constructed by abstraction  Why should it have any claim to our attention? • Only thing that could give it that sort of importance would be its relation to some particular interests or perspectives of ours • To make it partial
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