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Peter King

Socrates: Crito (lecture on the trial and death of Socrates)  Crito’s moral arguments (44B-46A): o a) Socrates’s death will be a loss for Crito and the other disciples, and hence it is natural for them to do all they can to avoid this loss; o b) Crito and the others run the risk of getting a bad reputation if it seems that they did not get Socrates out when they could well have done so; o c) That Socrates should not be concerned about possible repercussions fro his escape, because they are willing to take the risk; o d) If Socrates refuses to escape he will be implicitly endorsing the judges’ verdict, and indeed would be doing to himself what his enemies would do to him; o e) Socrates will be acting irresponsibly and be “betraying his sons” by not being around to look after them  Moral methodology, or, how to settle moral questions (46B-48D)  Three Socratic Moral Principles. First o Principle of Justice (49A)  One must not do injustice  That is, it is wrong to do injustice,
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