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Jennifer Whiting

Phl200 th February 12 2013 The soul—the anama • problems with common views on the soul • 402a23-- first of all we must determine th souls genis and what it is? ◦ is it a this and a substance or a quality quantity or one of other categories • the “this” a primary example of a substance • the soul as peculiar to it • my soul numerically distinct from yours • passage about how you get from the menstrual fluid of any kind, a baby or offspring • cant transform life with out something in motion, semen in motion • difficulties understanding on how you get different sorts of movements without some sort of motor vehicle • rational part of soul gets flown in later • what category, whether its potential or actual, divisible, just one account or whether a different count for each soul • if soul is divisible into parts, can we understand the capacity of parts • brings in his own methodological account • 2 right angles, 180 degrees • if we understand what a triangle is we can give a proof • something similar with the soul • idion to the soul itself vs kainoin to soul and body • idion or proprinm (ltin) • interior angles add to to right angles, no other plain shop doesnt have it and thats what makes it proper—not a feature that everything else has either • even if loved by gods belongs to only pious actions, or pious then loved by gods • symmetry defines essnetial vs proper • definition—has parts, the genus and the differentia, then theres ths idia, then the accidents • accidents come from teh matter • im a rational animal, because im rational im capable of laughter • the affections of the soul and asking whether there are any proper to the soul itself • possible for the some aprt of the soul to exist without body • very cautious and agnostic whether it actually it can exist without the body • phantasia—imaginatino--talk of things and hearing to me • less confusing if you write imagination • thinking involves imagining, understanding too will require a body • to think of a triangle a mortal thinker has to use images or appearanes in thinking • picture a triangle in your mind, if in order to think, might have had to have seen triangles or idea or experience of ti, and when you want to can picture it—in virtue of having a perceptual experience • some function or affection of the soul—pythagoreans-- 2 points, plain is 3 points, line is between two points, 4 points a solid figure, to be 2 is to be different then to be a line, line requires a distance, intelligible matter to understand than solid figures have extension and cant be identified with these numbers • the line in so far that its a line, doesnt have to have particular chalk or gold or so on • no immaterial, no line itself which exists apart form the lines in various things in htis world • take matter away in simply the its a line • the feature..making a contrast with math and physicians • physicians study things in matter in a certian way • physical things more like the snub nosed, opposed to the aquiline nose • property of a nose • physicist might say anger is the boiling of blood around the heart • a dialectician would say that anger is a desire to inflict pain in return for pain • similar with a house • the physicist might say a house is tones and bricks and timber where dialectician would say its a structure protectign agaisnt rain water heat etc • or is it the one who mentions both form and matter • matter and form both being substance but form being more substancce • the affections of this sort of body and this sort of matter and inseperable affections of the body in so far as theyre not affections of a parti
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