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Timaeus November 26, 2013 11:32 PM  "everything that comes to be must of necessity come to be by the agency of some is impossible for anything to come to be without a cause" [28a]  When looking at the first agent (the craftsman) we are looking to a "per se" series (an a that uses c to get b) o Craftsman a special kind of cause  The maker is different from the forms o Craftsman uses the "changlesss" (the forms) as a model, in which he "reproduces in form and character"  As a result, what he creates is necessarily beautiful  The kosmos is tangible and has a body and thus came to be o All tangible things are perceptible through sense cognition  Something that comes to be must be the agency of some cause  If the world is good and beautiful, and the craftsman is also good, then he looked to an eternal model  So the world is modeled after something (but what?)  Craftsman is good, and "one who is good can never become jealous of anything...being free of jealousy, he wanted everything to become as much like himself as possible" [29e] o Jealously is seen here as having something and you don’t want to giv
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