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lecture six

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Lloyd Gerson

Lecture notes sept 1409Euthyphro Notes Historical significance because it is prior to Socrates trialEuthyphro is doing something we find chilling he is indicting his own father for murderOn the one hand Greeks took homicide just as seriously as we do and even more so because it is impious and unholyThey must be removed from the society or else the gods would come and punish the society for having such bad people On the other hand what Euthyphro is doing is to his father not a stranger something people look upon with abhorrence Euthyphro is doing so not for his fathers own good but because it is nomos lawThere are also unwritten laws such as you dont rat on your fatherBut in this case the written laws and unwritten laws conflictEuthyphro thinks that to fail to prosecute his father would be an act of impiety Socrates points out to him if youre so confident that your actions are pious then you must be confident that you know that piety isAnd so Socrates asks Euthyphro for an account of what piety is since Euthyphro is so confident about what is piousIf it tur
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