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AP - February 1st, 2012 - De Anima 2.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Lloyd Gerson

Ancient Philosophy 120304 914 PM Lecture 8 stFebruary 1 2012De Anima ContinuedBook 1o To live a human life you need to do things that a human does These are in relation to second actualizing where birth satisfies first actualizationo The soul is not separable from the body because it is the first actuality of a body if it were separate it wouldnt be the actuality of the body but it would be an actuality of its own and the body would need its own actuality o Can the soul survive the destruction of the body No because thats what it is the actuality of the body o Plato Our soul has parts one of which is immortal and others are mortal the intellect is the immortal part of the soul Doesnt believe the whole soul is mortal o Aristotle Using the soul differently from Plato he also says that the intellect is immortal that it is a genus different from soul When I say soul is mortal Im not talking about intellect the mortality of the soul for Aristotle is equal to Platos part of the soul o Disagreement Is the Intellect A or the Rational part of the Soul P me This is where the two disagreeIntellect for Aristotle is different from Platos definition since intellect for Aristotle is not part of the soul Book 23 o Aristotle with concerned with cognition of animals vs what we call higher cognition for humans o The core of Aristotles EpistemologyFocus on the first eight chapter of Book three of De Anima with a little bit from Book two about sense perception
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