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Peter King

September 12, 2013 Introduction to Philosophy • What is Philosophy? o Basic fundamental questions & answers (ex. When is it permissible to kill another person? When can we refer to cannibalism? How are we supposed to live?  Questions that have to do with principles.  Religious beliefs address basic fundamental questions.  Tries to give answers to the questions mostly by appeal to reason and arguments. o Philosophy is the activity of trying to think your way down to the bottom of questions that do with the business of living our lives. • Appeal to Reason: o It’s just as important to know how you got to the answer. o Socrates questioned elder’s reason for their beliefs and points of views. o By doing this he was charged “corrupted the youth” because he supposedly taught the youth to disrespect the elders. o No matter how many people believe in something doesn’t make it anymore true or right, numbers are irrelevant to justification. o If there are experts, pay attention to experts. If there aren’t experts or experts disagree, you try to reason your way out. o What make something more philos
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