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Augustine’s Intellectual development

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University of Toronto St. George
Dominic Martin

Augustine’s Intellectual development Key dates in Augustine‟s life  354 born in Tagaste  371 studies Rhetoric at Carthage, later teacher at Carthage  383 moves to Rome  384 teaches Rhetoric at Milan  July 386: the Garden event (baptized 387)  396 becomes bishop of Hippo  397/8 writes the Confessions  430 died in Hippo while the city was besieged by the Vandal Augustine‟s intellectual development (according to the Confessions)  studies classical literature and rhetoric  Cicero‟s Hortensius - Studied it as a lifestyle  Bible - Iniquity is a form of wisdom - Today, philosophy is very technical. In Augustine‟s days, philosophy is the way of life - Thought the bible is not perfect  Manicheanism - Talked about the bible - Has a principle of good and evil ( believes that evil is a mass) - Augustine discovered that not everything is material o aside from God, there‟s soul, emotions, ideas/ principles o there‟s an immaterial realm - he compared astronomy that the Manicheans use vs. the other versions of astronomy o the Manichean‟s version does not make sense o when he asked them to explain, none of the Manicheans understands it  he came to realized that they talk about this without having a clue - basically he finds three major problems o personal o problems of being materialistic o interaction problems(Manichean dualism) - Argument against Manichean dualism(Conf. 7.2.3) o Two main indestructible principles: a principle of goodness and a principle of evil. The world is basically a manifestation of the interaction (“fight”) between these principles (Manichean Dualism) o But the idea of this “cosmic” fight is unintelligible. For why should one pri
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