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Lecture Jan 11&13, 18&20

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University of Toronto St. George
Deborah Black

Phl 206 Later Medieval Philosophy 11012011 11:06:00 Medieval means middle age Renaissance term to suggest a shift from lesser knowledge, arts to a modern more developed set of culture and knowledge. 13h 1250s early to later medieval philosophy line. Cont to the 1500s (end of medieval period) Two things to kick start philosophy in the period 1 translation and transmission of Greek philosophy in the period (from Greek to Latin) 2 rise of universities also- the rise of the cities -rise of mendicant orders-Franciscans and Dominicans The period was a reaction to all the new material flooding in, the new translations. Occurs mostly in Mediterranean ie Venice Sicily and Toledo Addition of Aristotles corpus and New Logic (Organon- Aristotles theory of logic) Argumentation syllogism also during this time there is Arabic and Jewish philosophy being introduced. -received as commentaries to help understand Aristotle thus not infringing on personal religious beliefs. the philosopher Aristotle the commentator Averroes- firm believer in Aristotle, and wrote many accompanying commentaries on Aristotle. Aristotle declares the universe is eternal- hard to reconcile with Christianity. Also important is the status of the soul.
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