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Aquinas’ First Way

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University of Toronto St. George
Deborah Black

stPHL206S1 Later Medieval PhilosophyJanuary 31 2012y 1230 Aquinas was sent by his family to become and vindicating monk y 10 years later there were feuds bw emperor and pope y Aquinas was then sent elsewhere to study at age of 13 y Aquinass brothers hired a prostitute and tried to see if they could tempt him instead of going back to Dominicans y 1256 he got the license to teach and was made professor of theology regional master a chair that is normally reserved for the Dominicans y He finishes his chair goes off and teachers at various places in Italyy In 1268 went back to Paris to be regional master y Aquinas has reputation for honesty integrity he is the star of Dominicans in this period y He has a compromised position on the acceptance of Aristotle and his understandings y He tends to be supportive of use of philosophy and theology more than Bonaventure was rdthy3 and 4 books have to do w sacramental theology ndy 2 book talks mostly of ethics y Starting off w picture of theology in relation to God y First question how theology can be a science and that theology can use these rational methods and how philosophy and theology can f
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