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Linda Hunter

Philosophy Lecture June 6, 2012 Nicolas Malebranche • For any extended mode, there is a corresponding mental mode • The human mind is a complex idea of an extended mode • Malebranche is a representation of a realist-ideas intermediate between our minds and bodies and to do this they have to be closely joined to us [intermediate] • God is always present and he has the ideas in material things and if he is close enough, the ideas can be present to us • God creates everything and in order to create all these possible things, he has to have ideas of the things he has created • God has the ideas of all things • Ideas can have an affect of our substance • What we call sensation is actually two things going on: modification in our soul and the idea in God [pure idea because it is not tainted with anything sensory or qualitative- purely intellectual idea] • Through sensations we know that things exist out there in the world • Knowledge even of our own existence is going to be confused • You can have an idea of a spherical extension [orange] and you know it exists and you know it exists in the way it does because you can smell the orange or shiny waxy coat, its texture, etc. and none are explicable in terms of extension • Difference between what properties are really out there in the world and what properties we see as perceivers • Motion, gravity, etc. are really out there in the world • Sensory properties like smell, taste, etc. are only in our minds- may be because of our physiology or because God has given some connection between the t
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