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Linda Hunter

Philosophy Lecture June 13, 2012 Spinoza • God consists of finite minds and bodies and he is acting on himself; he causes all the modifications to be done • All of the features that follow in god are necessary form his essence, • We do not have free will; everything is caused by God • No substances can be the same and those that are, can affect one another Malebranche • You have contact with ideas • There are fires and minds; there are modifications of your mind, but God is just making the modifications and making the fire and if you want to know the chemical extensions of the fire, God is allowing you to see that Leibniz • Famous for “we live in the best of possible worlds” • Our thinking turns on two principles: principle of contradiction and the principle of sufficient reason o PSR: any fact, there is going to be a reason of why things are the way they are. He thinks different worlds are possible, there has to be a reason why the world where pigs can’t fly for example, is the best world and he said the reason is that God picks the best world • If you are criticizing God, you’re basically calling him stupid for not choosing the better way and that not being possible, there is no way • Ex. Lisbon earthquake • Monadology: pg. 291 section 66- a monad is a soul;
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