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Linda Hunter

Philosophy Lecture July 9, 2012 John Locke • Primary qualities: ways that bodies are arranged [really out there in the world] • Secondary qualities: ways that bodies are arranged that are of specific interest to human beings; if we had more refined senses and look at everything like microscopes, we wouldn’t talk about secondary qualities nor would we need to- just primary qualities. Ex. dogs [subjective- depend on the subject doing the perceiving] • Locke is interested in secondary qualities and the certain ones that strike human beings- these qualities are only interesting if you are a human being • Three complex ideas: o Power (property relations) o Substance (substance) o Identity (property relations) o Causal event requires an active power and a passive power • Libertarian: believes in freedom but not determinism • Hard-determinism: says we have no freedom but determinism only • Compatibilist/soft-determinist: Yes to freedom and determinism • Locke says to be free, you need to be exercising both powers [freedom and will] o Will: you think of willing as trying [act of will is called volition] a tennis ball doesn’t have a will or doesn’t
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