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Sol Goldberg

Continental Philosophy 217 What is cp? Contrast with analytic philosophy (ap) continental philosophers and continental breakfasts They sound satisfying but they are no real meals It sounds fancy but it isn't philosophically substantial or satisfying. The argumentative rigor demanded in the analytic tradition is not found in cp, in cp it has been replaced with art and literature. Continental breakfasts are what people in the uk/us believe Europeans eat in the morning. The designation continental breakfast, or cp, is a term that emerged outside the continent, it was first termed in another tradition. How the two jokes fit together. There is some reality at the bottom of the claim that continental philosophers will privilege poetry and literature, whereas analytic philosophers dont. But the suggestion that continental philosophy lacks philosophical rigor is just a prejudice from the analytical philosophy tradition. When does cp begin? Two related questions When does cp come to name the standard other of analytic philosophy? Here it is important to see that ap was born in the 20th century. The name cp is used in writing in the mid 20th century. It's a name as a university course did not come until recently. Before it was collectively denominated as existentialism. Philosophers in each camp have their own distinctive ways in how they approach the other philosophical tradition. When according to continental philosophy does cp begin? Sometime in the early nineteenth century after a split in German idealism. Another take is that it happens in the twentieth century. Obvious problems with the distinction between cp and ap Continental is geographical, analytica
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