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Sol Goldberg

A contrast with the inter subjective element in hegels conception of truth Comparison of persons with other object of knowledge. Unlike other objects, people modify their behavior precisely because they know they are interacting with another being. The problem with this is, that people uses only the shareable portion in mental life. This usable portion in mental life, is a selection and not a representable one. Interpersonal truth as a precondition of society From the fact that we continually interact with each other, our knowledge is largely true, since we get along with each other, our understanding of one and another is basically right. Society as a precondition of interpersonal knowledge The knowledge is built up interpersonally and how we perceive them, it also depends on the forms and concepts we obtain them. There is a circuit or feedback route that shapes conceptions, such as first impressions, and the development of friendship. Error as a precondition of interpersonal relationships. It is expedient to interact with another person even being ignorant of the other person as a person, it is expedient not to know about everything. Z refers to this phenomenon as the vital lie because it helps us get along with people. Error here is something that is quite useful. Knowledge of t
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