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PHL217H1-15 1. Review Restating the question of being The special entity to be interrogated Dasein defined Ancient philosophy has framed the question of the being into prejudices and dogmas. Thus there is a need to restate the question. The form of the question previously used is inadequate, being was in sufficiently grasped. Understood as entities. Hence there is a need to renew and reformulate the question of being. Section of nine being and time. Essence and existence. Very standard philosophical terms are changed in Heideggers writing. Lots of neologisms. Special entity to be interrogated How to proceed with the interrogation of the question of being. Chapter two. Being is universal, no entity would exist without being, all entities stand in relation to being, which should be given precedence? Discussion of being is already a fact, we already have a vague concept of what being is. Self evidence. Hence, if we can clarify our own being, making clear our possibilities in being able to inquire about being, we will understand being much better. Dasein as it turns out, perhaps had a special relationship to being, and to the question of being. The name Dasein is chosen to highlight our relationship to being, but also to define the being of all beings. Dasein as human beings? Substitution of human being with another term? No, Dasein is there-being, existence not the same existence that of an object. Dasein works at three levels in being and time. Only at the first level, can it be even suggested that it can be equivalent to human beings. The three levels are ontological graded. Ontological, ontical, and fundamental ontological. Each of us is Dasein. Each of us has our own being to being, the concrete possibilities from which we can choose, from this way or that way. Possibilities of the person I can be. Potentiality. Dasein as possibility/potentiality. The possibilities are mine, and mine only. We're defined by possibilities rather than properties such as objects. Level two. What you're concerned with in your being is your possibilities. Dasein is not only each of us individually, but also the type of entity that we are. The concept of "taking care" in being. Unlike objects, such as chairs, we take care of our own possibilities. It is at this level that Dasein replaces terms such as humanity, or existence, or human beings. The third level, makes it even more fundamental than selfhood. The relationship to being ultimately says that human beings are ti
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