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Georg Simmel

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University of Toronto St. George
Sol Goldberg

PHL217H1 (Lecture 12) Georg Simmel Topics 1.) A contrast with the inter-subjective element in Hegel’s conception of truth - Knowledge about other minds comes into play in this concept of truth but the concern is with knowledge of reality. - Knowledge about content of other minds is a concern for Hegel only indirectly. - Simmel is concerned with inter-personal truth; the truth we share with each other. 2.) Comparison of persons with other objects of knowledge - Both kinds of truth (knowledge of mind and reality) are necessary for progress in life. - Both kinds of truths are typically concerned with quality of objects rather people. - Neither is absolute in the sense of being complete - While nature can conceal itself, it never lies to us - Unlike other objects, people modify their behaviour because they know others are interacting with them. 3.) Interpersonal truth as a pre-condition of society - Simmel derives that our knowledge of each other is largely true because of how well we get along with each other. - The typical tendencies of people is what one needs to know in this case - Used examples of Kate and Leopold & Blast from the past 4.) Society as a pre-condition of inter-personal knowledge - The
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