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The practice of truth telling and selfhood The difference between the Christian view should not be overstated in terms of what parrhesias is. Christianity is in part an extension of later Greek philosophy. Nietzches claims between philosophical truthfulness and Christian truthfulness; this was basically one and the same thing. Communal parrhesiac authoritative teacher Cynicism is one of the Greek philosophical schools in which parrhesia became a dominant form. What truth as a social phenomenon is. Each particular school developed a type of parrhesia. Even psychotherapy would be a certain parrhesia. Cynics version of parrhesia. Epicurean parrhesia in the communal life. Communal life is differentiated by Foucault by public life, what you get in communal life is life in the school itself. In two distinct pedagogical relationships, one in the classroom, where the teacher teaches to students, Foucault suggests that it takes on a very different form, or that it has become formalized for the first time. Can truth be conveyed in the structure of a classroom? What about the Inter personal dialogue? It's the master to individual disciple, truth is conveyed through this. It's much more difficult to learn truth within a collective than truth through the teachings of a master. The two forms of pedagogical relationships, two forms of parrhesia: techni- not just theoretical knowledge of the know how, but also general knowledge, technology- The theoretical knowledge is emphasized much more in the lecture. The pursuit and the transmission of truth are tied into power relations, while the epicureans refer to this practice as a form of parrhesia, it doesn't fit into what Foucault establishes of what parrhesia is. In the epicurean context it no longer is a power of authority but the master as a person with the knowledge? Truth and trut
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