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THPHL217 LECTURE 1 SEPT 12 2011What is Continental Philosophy CPContrast with Analytic Philosophy APContinental Philosophers and Continental Breakfasts jokesAP says that the rigour demanded by analytic tradition absent and replaced by something poetic literaryInflated trivialities mysteries passed off as clever insights subdue rational powers of adherents of APThe designation continental breakfast like CP first emerged outside the continentThere is some reality at the bottom of the claim that continental philosophers will privilege things like poetry and literature in a way that analytic philosophers dont they have come to question logic as a core subject of philosophyThe suggestion that continental philosophy lacks philosophical rigor or substance is itself just a prejudice of the AP tradition When does CP begin 2 related questions When does CP come to name the standard other of analytic philosophy thHere it is important to see that AP itself begins in the early 20 century partly in response esp in England to a movement of philosophers known as the British Hegelians Hegel one of the key figures of the continental tradition is a main influence on philosophy herethThe name CP is used in writings earliest at the mid20 century its only been used as a name in university courses for 1520 y
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