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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Sol Goldberg

PHL217 LECTURE 4 SEPT 21KANT ON THE SUPPOSED RIGHT TO LIE1Truth as public reasons goal and as societys preconditionKants ethics are often dismissed The idea is Kant couldnt be right about this because murder is far worse than lying2No quick dismissal of Kant as a defender of wouldbe murderersKants original example is of a police officer who compels you to speak about the whereabouts of someone you are devoted to who is about to commit a crimeCourt case you must answer the question and in answering it seems as though you will contribute to a guilty verdict against your friend who you are quite sure is innocent Do you have a right to lie Theres no easy answer and we should feel a certain amount of tension whichever way we go If you lie and propose the maxim of this lie as universal the legal system itself turns into a sham One may lie in court in cases where one believes the person who is being charge to be innocent though the evidence seems to suggest that heshe is guilty This is not a maxim that everyone can follow and preserve the legal system3Kants disagreement with ConstantIts not over whether
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