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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

May 16Identity I Identity A is the same as B Qualitative or Numerical Identity Qualitative Identity Things with qualitative identity share properties so things can be more or less qualitatively identicalEx Poodles and Great Danes are qualitatively identical because they share the property of being a dog but two poodles are more qualitative identical because they are both poodles Numerical Identity Requires absolute or total qualitative identity and can only hold between a thing and itselfThe word same is used sometimes to indicate that what is named twice should be counted once numerical sameness as in The morning star and the evening star are the same planet Property Properties in short are attributes or characteristics that a thing possesses Intrinsic Property a thing has such a property in virtue of what it is eg mass Extrinsic Property a thing has such a property in virtue of its interaction in the world eg being to the left of X Leibnizs Law Principle of the identity of indiscernibles if two things share all their properties then they are identical AB share all propertiesAB are identical Principle of the indiscernibility of identicals if two things are identical then they share all their properties AB are identicalAB share all properties Principle of the identity of indiscerniblesPrinciple of the indiscernibility of identicalAB share all propertiesAB are identical Claim Complete qualitative identity implies numerical identity If A and B share all their properties then A and B are one and the same thing Ex Clark Kent and Superman If A and B occupy a different position in space then there is a difference with regards to their respective propertiesSpatiotemporal properties cannot themselves count as difference making There is a difference in properties if two things are in different places but does not rest on spatial propertiesIt relies on specific intrinsic properties Leibnizs Argument 3 Although AB are switched mirrored God would have no reason based on spatial properties alone to pick W
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