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Dan Dolderman

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Personal Identity – Bodily Continuity B. Williams First scenario  Two people, Ben & Rachel switch bodies  Rachel is in Ben‟s blue-body  Ben is in Rachel‟s red-body  Ben suffers from PTSD & Rachel suffers from Anxiety  Ben thinks he can get rid of his PTSD if he switches into red-body  Rachel thinks she can get rid of her anxiety if she switches into blue-body  So Ben gets rid of his PTSD but receives anxiety and his memory is of having anxiety  Blue-body talking as Rachel  If bodily continuity is a true swap, your memories would get transferred into someone else Second scenario  You are under my power 1. Tomorrow, you will be tortured  I am scared that I will be tortured 2. Right before the torture, your memory of being told about the torture will be wiped  torture will be a surprise 3. Right before the torture, all your memories will be wiped  I don‟t feel better. You‟re going to make me amnesiac too and then torture me. 4. You‟ll be given a whole new set of memories, those of another person that‟s now living.  None of this is helping. I don‟t want to be tortured; I‟m still afraid. Being told that I‟ll get a new set of memories only adds to the terror I feel.  Williams: “Fear, surely, would still … derangements as well.” (p. 168 right before second paragraph)  You would feel fear of being tortured because you are scared of being tortured in the future Now these 2 scenarios are the same but have different intuitions. If you think you will get tortured with new memories, it‟s like blue-body being tortured after the body switch. You relate to being you with your body (scenario 2) and relate to being you with your memory (scenario 1). Which intuitions are better?  “If this is right…options there presented.” (p. 168)  Second scenario is being represented as a “hateful prospect” while the first scenario is something rational → one sided, differently represented; psychological continuity and bodily continuity Psychological Continuity would say Objection: In the 2 scenario, there‟s no mention of the other person. “But – someone will say – this is to leave out exactly the feature which, as the first presentation of the case showed, makes all t
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