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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

May 23 – Persistence Metaphysics: Persistence: when something stays the same throughout time The Statue & the Clay Identity Thesis: ALRED = CLAY Assume, CLAY ≠ ALFRED ALFRED: a statue on the table at 2PM CLAY: a statue on the table at 2PM There are 2 statues on the table at 2PM Property: attributes or characteristics that a thing possesses Temporary Properties: properties that a thing can have at one time and not at another, ex. Being a wife, a teenager, hungry ALFRED: a statue on the table at 2PM CLAY: a statue on the table at 2PM There is 1 statue on the table at 2PM, therefore CLAY = ALFRED Suppose the statue has eroded over time, and the statue is missing an eye. We can call this a temporary property. If there is another round lump of clay beside it, we can clearly distinguish that there are two properties, numerically because there are two things but also because the shapes of the two clays are different (one a statue of a person and the other a round lump). How is the lump of clay identified with the statue (could be changed, eroded, molded into a statue)? Assume, ALFRED’s hand breaks off and falls to the ground → CLAY is both on the ground and on the table. We now replace ALFRED’s hand, so he’s now complete and on the table. CLAY is still both on the ground and on the table. Is CLAY = ALFRED? ALFRED is shaped that is supposed to have two hands, feet, eyes, etc. So how does CLAY = ALFRED when ALFRED is complete again? Theseus’ Ship Of course, a thing can change its parts over time and remain the same. Is it still the same once ALL of its parts have changed? Transitivity: If a = b
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