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Elmar J.Kremer

January 16 Classical Theism and Theistic Personalism - Two different theories of the nature of God - Classical theism is a view of God according to which God is very different from ordinary objects, “mysterious” - Creator of whole universe - Theistic Personalism: God is a mind without a body, like a human mind only more powerful and intelligent - 1. Four differences between the two approaches to the nature of God: a. The idea of creation. - God is the Creator - Most atheists attack theistic personalist’s views of God no classical theists - Central to Classical Theism - Classical Theists emphasize that God’s creation is utterly different than any creation humans can do - God’s causation of the universe is made out of nothing - God causes things to exist he doesn’t act on things b. The difference between God and creatures: Is God transcendent? - Classical Theists: God is not just another being in the world, he is outside the world - Nothing that one says about God and creatures can have the same meaning - We must always purify our language about God - Theistic Personalists: - c. The “metaphysical” attributes of God: simplicity, immutability (eternity), impassibility. Classical Theism/ Theistic Personalism *Simplicity God is not made up of parts - He is the first being not dependent on any other thing *Immutability -God cannot undergo real change, if he did he would have to grow and become more or less perfect - God has a constant character *Impassibility - God cannot be changed by anything d. Omnipotence and Omniscience. 2. The religious significance of the differences: The Classical Theist Barry Miller, in A Most Unlik
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