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Elmar J.Kremer

The Kalam Cosmological Argument 1. The argument - Reasonable to believe there is a God apart from arguments 1. - A. Plantinga: Reformed Epistemology, found by Calvin/ the belief that God exists is “properly basic”….these properly basic beliefs have ground, but not evidence - Calvin you find this idea where its natural and reasonable for people to believe in God without any argument - 2. The “light of faith” - 3. Religious ex-prisoners 1. The universe began to exist. 2. Everything that began to exist has a cause of its existence. Therefore, 3. The universe has a cause of its existence. Al-Kindi, Wm. Lane Craig 2. Aristotle on whether the world had a beginning - Aristotle’s main argument: Whatever comes to be comes to be out of something prior. - Aquinas’ assessment: “By faith alone do we hold, and by no demonstration can it be proved, that the world diid not always exist” (ST, 1, 46, 2). Aristotle overlooked the possibility that before the created world began to be, there was only God. 3. Hume on whether the world can begin to be without a cause - Hume thought that it was not self-evident that whatever begins to be has a casue. But in a letter he explaines, “Allow me to tell you that I never asserted so absurd a propostition as that anything might arise 1. Th
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