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February 8 Lecture

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Stephen Biggs

PHL240 February 8, 2011 Perdurantism Lewis and Swinburne Lecture 5 I. Introduction Competing Intuitions 1. What matters is something in the neighbourhood of identity 2. What matters is mental continuity and connectedness -direct relations of similarity and causal dependence with each successor (connectedness) -step by step from here to there with extremely strong local connections (continuity) Seeming Tension 1. Identity is 1 1 and doesnt admit of degree 2. Mental continuity and connectedness is not 1 1 and does admit of degree 3. Either identity or mental continuityconnectedness isnt what matters for survival Thompsons response this is a sound argument 4. Identity is what matters for survival 5. Mental continuityconnectedness doesnt matter for survival Parfits Response this is a sound argument 4. Mental continuityconnectedness is what matters for survival 5. Identity does not matter for survival Lewis Response 3. Either identity or mental continuityconnectedness isnt what matters for survival -where Thompson and Parfit reject one or another of the intuitive claims, Lewis tries to ease the tension between them II. Perdurantism -the whole of a person is the sum of all the persons parts in their existence -think of time just like space; you are present wherever one of your temporal stages is present -sum of all the temporal parts that exist at the times at which the person exists -the parts of the whole are not identical with the life stage present at certain moments in time -each stage of life differs from one another Pe
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