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January 11 Lecture

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Stephen Biggs

PHL240 January 11, 2011 Lecture1 1. Personal Identity -you are your body vs. you are your mind -what are the conditions for having the same body if the matter comprising our bodies constantly change -people cannot be individuated by dna either i.e. twins -for the mind, propositional attitudes (beliefs, desires etc.) are not the same over time -memories cannot define us either -stability of personality cannot define us i.e. Phinneas Gage -what about the soul? Identity Indiscernability of identicals If Clark = Superman, then Clark and Superman have exactly the same properties -aka identity of discernables Transivity of Identity Clark = Superman Clark = Kal-El Superman = Kal-El The Mind-Body Problem Option 1: Mind is one thing, body is another -conscious experience of the mind causes the body to act in a certain way Option 2: Mind is identical with body PHL240 January 18, 2011 Body Theory Lecture 2 -intuitive motivation supporting body theory i.e. you are wherever your body is -if it is impossible to switch your body, your body must be part of you because you are identical with it Thompson -I dont just inhabit my body, I am my body Physical thesis: people are their bodies Physical Criterion: X = y iff xs body = ys body (if there are two things that are
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