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Notes Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Dustin Stokes

PHL 240 H1 F Second half of the lecture 1. Introduction and situation 2. Duplication case 3. Identity, survival and psychological continuity 4. test cases and our intuitions Locke was right about psychological cont. but he thinks we can answer these questions in other ways. Starting observation and Parfits foils These cases present a problem if you hold either of the beliefs which (at that time ) people did believe. Hes going to try and give reasons for denying these beliefs. Its not clear what we should say about identity and that will be a problem depending on what we believe about identity. Two foils Determinate answers: there are determinate answers for all questions regarding identity. Identity is what matters : If we cannot ans questions of identity, we cant ans imp. Questions about responsibility, memory and survival. (ND) : there are some questions about personal identity for which there are no answers. (NI): identity is not what matters to us Where Parfit follows and where he departs Parfit maintains his target is the same as for e.g.; law. My thoughts, my feelings with respect to previous self matters to me in a way different than it matters to you. He just disagrees on how we get there. In actual cases, identity will be the vehicle for accommodating what matters most to us. An important working distinction: 3 person intuitions regarding concept application Vs
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