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Lecture 9

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Lecture 9 – Objectification, Derivatization November 6 th Summary of Last Week Lecture 1. Kantian morality without sex phobia a. Both forms of the Categorical imperative are relevant 2. Some theories of love: (Sternberg; Lee) 3. Sex, Love, and Chemistry a. Helen Fisher‟s 3-fold (biological classification 4. Structural contrasts between love and sex a. Implication: sex without love can be Kantian i. Vannoy; RdS‟s Theatre 5. Giles‟s “Vulnerability Care” theory a. Kantian aspect, and infantile origins More about theories - What is a (scientific) theory o Theory risen after collect observations o Construct a “theory” that is  Simpler than merely listing facts  Able to explain all or most of the facts collected o Not easy to arrive at theory - Example o Kepler painstakingly traced the path of the planets around the sun and found a formula to describe it; then Newton explained the facts with three simple laws Don‟t ask why things are different from the norm, ask why there is a norm to begin with Theories of Sex, Love and Chemistry - Genetics, evolutionary psychology, brain science have something to say about the origins of love o Biological - Powerful emotional bonds improve the chance of survival for helpless children o Powerful bonds between enfant and caretaker will help infant survive - Genetic differences are associated with different patterns of attachment and affiliation o Genetic differences between different people will lead to different attachments - Hence the plausibility off Fisher‟s “Three Love” Ideology confuses different forms of love - Kinds of love may be mutually incompatible, though assume to be just different forms of the same thing Lecture 9 – Objectification, Derivatization November 6 th - Treatments of love tend to obsess about what counts as “real” love, as opposed to infatuation, sexual attraction o Keen to tell you what is not real love when talking about real love - But why do we need to answer that question? o Don‟t need to answer that question  Then left with nothing to say what love is - Because “real” love is tied to marriage? - But marriage expectations may be incoherent because they incorporate just those incoherent demands o Plausible to think that reason why people so keen to tell you what real love is because in
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