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Lecture 10

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De Sousa

th Lecture 10 – November 13 Homosexuality Framework Assumptions – ethics and other people’s sexuality - Some background questions of political theory o What is the state for?  To serve and protect  Not easy for everyone to agree about o General aims  Planning for the collective goods  Cant obtained by anyone  Collective goods are those that is not to anyone’s advantage to pay for and maintain them but they all need/want these goods  Only the state can provide and it is regulated by the state  You need a substantive theory of human  Defending individuals from mutual aggression  Defense of the group with an army  Defend individuals from other individuals (police)  Have a minimal theory of human nature Consequences doe sex 1. Interventionist a. Based on a theory about what sex does for the ideal society i. Mostly disrupts it, unless restricted to reproduction ii. Sex is harmful and disruptive force (need protection from it) b. Laisser-faire i. Allowing individuals to decide what they want sex to do for them ii. Sex not regulated Some curious sociological facts - The ambivalence of attitudes to freedom o Free thought, free love, free enterprise o In the land of the free 1M people are locked up to protect them from themselves - Historically, progressive have sought to free sex and shackle money and power o Interest in promoting public goods - Currently neo conservatives seek to shackle sex and free up the power of money th Lecture 10 – November 13 Homosexuality Why is it that sex has been and is treated differently from other things? J.S. Mill’s Harm Principle -the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others - So if sex harm onl
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