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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Ronniede Sousa

Framework assumptions: ethics and other people’s sexuality - The state exists to plan for the collective good (ex. Paying for gas without lead, which is more expensive and then cannot be justified in a free market – people will only pay more for safe gasoline if everyone else has to pay for it too) or to defend people from mutual aggression - On the former, you need a substantive theory of human nature and promote human thriving on that theory - On the latter, you have a minimal view of human nature and aim only to resolve conflict Consequences for sex - If sex is a disruptive force in society, then sex should be limited except in the case of reproduction (the former) - In the latter, individuals are allowed to decide what they want sex to do for them J Stuart Mills’ Harm Principle - The only reason why we should make people do things we don’t want to do is to prevent harm to others - But we can then do anything that hurts ourselves, just nothing that hurts others - An obvious objection is that if you harm yourself, you harm others because you harm society or the environment - Should I intervene if something is hurtin
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