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Lecture 8

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Ronniede Sousa

Kantian morality without sex phobia - The categorical imperative’s first formulation is a demand of rationality for differences to justify different treatments - The second formulation is a key principle of respectful human relations - It can apply to sex as well as everything else - Kant recognizes that sex (nakedness) puts you in a vulnerable position both emotionally and physically - So the lack of respect for the person can be experienced as harm (consequentialism) and diminish rather than enhance our capacity for thriving (virtue ethics) Some theories of love - The contrast between tenderness and objectness (different attitudes to one’s partner) - You can be tender with someone without being in love with them - You can also objectify your spouse - John Alan Lee’s colors of love – eros, agape, mania, ludus, storge, pragma - Powerful emotional bonds improve the chances of survival for helpless children - Genetic differences are associated with different patterns of attachment Helen Fisher - Lust or sex = immediate drive to mate - Typical duration = hours - Brain chemistry = androgens - Limerance = obsessive, exclusive thoughts; anxious craving for presence, reciprocation - Typical duration = weeks or months - Brain chemistry = epinephrine, dopamine - Attachment = infantile - Typical duration = indefinite/years - Brain chemistry = oxytocin, vasopressin - Prairie voles are monogamous - Affiliation = the social glue of friendship - More like liking than loving - Brain chemistry = estrogen, oxytocin - Prairie voles are monogamous - Dopamine is generated by a single compulation restructures the nucleus accumbens - Montane voles are promiscuous and not affected in the same way by dopamine - They don’t have the right receptors to be affected by dopamine - By manipulating a single gene in the montane vole, scientists have produced the prairie vole behavior, and vice versa - These facts about genes suggest that nature governs sexual behavior - Limerance is observed througho
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