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Ronniede Sousa

th February 10Reading 1Duties towards the Body in Respect of Sexual Impulse Immanuel Kant RP Kants definition of sexual impulsean appetite for enjoying another human being They are the Objects just a thing of our enjoyment they themselves not their work or services There is no other way than through sexual impulse for someone to become an Object of indulgence to anotherSexual impulse is an appetite Without any human love involved they may even harm their lover to achieve satisfactionsate the appetite and may cast the lover away after all motives of moral relationship cease to functionhuman love is goodwill affection promoting the happiness of others and finding joy in their happiness etc In short sexual impulseBAD and degradation of human nature but necessary for procreation Human loveGOOD and ideal can be combined with impulse sexual desire is at the root of sexual impulse we should be ashamed desires should be suppressed and extirpatedsexuality is not an inclination that one human being has for another but an inclination for the SEX of another and to the dishonouring of that sex through the satisfaction of desire Ex Man wants a woman not bc she is a human but bc she is a womanHuman nature is subordinatedsacrificed to sex women and men try to make themselves more alluring instead of their human nature which is more important to Kant than lustin satisfying lust people dishonour the human nature in each other bc it is on the same level as animal natureSo How far may one allow someone of the opposite sex to satisfy his or her desire upon them How about selling oneself for use of their sexual facultiesPhilosophers Harmfulruinous to the body or to the commonwealth Except for the harm it does there is nothing contemptible in the acts themselvesKant disagrees if this were so then if someone could find a way to avoid the harms could make whatever use he wanted of his sexual propensities He believes that there is something in the conduct itself which is contemptible and contrary to the dictates of morality BUT there must be a way that the use of sex can be in keeping with morality to enable procreationman is not a thing therefore he cannot be property He is a Subject that may own things and since property cannot own things man is not property and cannot be ownedin a similar line of thought man is not as his own disposal He is not entitled to sell his limbs or teeth So profiting from being used by another for satisfaction of sexual desire to make oneself the Object of demand is to make oneself a thing 1
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