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Lecture 10

LEC10- Sex Choices- Homesexuality March 10 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
Phil Serchuk

LEC10: Sex Choices: Homesexuality th March, 10 2010 Today: More on Sex and Morality gays shouldnt marry bc it is a kind of cop out Framework Assumptions: Ethics and Other Peoples Sexuality serve and protect are 2 different entities: De Sousa 1. what is good in general for the individuals such that all individuals can be living in a framework in which they can thrive we need a substantive theory of human nature bc we need to know what humans are like in order to make rules for them to thrive 2. role of the state is to defend individuals from aggression and it does not have any role to play in the choice of lives that individuals make we need only a minimal theory of what human nature is like Consequence of Sex 1. Freud: either you have sex everynight and is exhausted or you do not and as a result you can use your energy elsewhere ie. science and math etc. such t
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