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Lecture 12

LEC12- Intergenerational Sex March 31 2010

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Phil Serchuk

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LEC12: Intergenerational Sex th March, 31 2010 Imaginative Resistance you cannot suspend your values when thinking about a thought experiment natural selection equip us to not suspend values because those who do suspend values die sooner because their thought experiments do not impede them from harm thoughts experiments are ways in which we experiment with the world without the harm but b/c we drag our values into the experiment we limit our empathy response The Yuk Factor Kass: “reason why we shouldn't have cloning, abortion etc. b/c thinking about it makes you go Yuk” our moral judgement regarding sex started with emotions but they should include more than emotion and include rational thought as well Case Study: Zoophilia and Bestiality although Animals cannot verbally consent, but they may be able to consent implicitly thus somehow when we drag in sex it makes everything different Nurse vs. Sex Worker pain is bad, pleasure is good but absence of pleasure is merely not good while the absence of pain is good nurse's job is relieve pain = positive sex worker's job is to give pleasure = the positive does not outweight the bad Benetar argues, if you have sex intending to make a baby, then you are doing something bad, because you are risking brining someone into evil
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