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PHL244 Lecture 2 SSSPT Operator: Socrates-says-so-Plato-thinks 2 cases where psychic conflict doesn’t suggest psychic division: 1. Where conflicting desires/emotions are directed towards different objects. 2. Where conflicting desires/emotions do not occur at the same time. (motivations can change over time...e.g. sometimes I like sushi, sometimes I don’t like sushi) Socrates’s Examples of Psychic Conflict 1. The thirsty person (439c) 2. Leontius (439e-440a) 3. Odysseus (441b-c) The Argument Premise 1: If the same thing acts in opposite ways towards the same object at the same time, it must be made up of different parts. Premise 2: There are cases in which the same soul acts in opposite ways towards the same object at the same time. Conclusion: Therefore the soul must be made up of different parts. The argument is valid. Soundness builds in validity. A logically valid argument is one such that if the premises are true, it is logically impossi- ble for the conclusion to be false. It is truth preserving Come up with an example as a counter to the principle of conflict Essay Option #1 In book 4 of the Republic Socrates argues that the human soul is complex. Explain and assess his argument for this claim. How exactly does he reason to this conclusion? How does he support each premise? Do you think the argument is successful? Why or why not? Plato’s Tripartition of the Soul (1) Reason (2) Spirit* (3) Appetite *thumos also means anger Plato’s idea of parts in what sense of the word? How are they distinct? - Physical organs - Mental activities - Oriented desires Physical location is not what makes thes
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