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Junchul Kim

A priori can be synthetic and analytic A posteriori synthetic. Synthetic knowledge is after the expereince the type of knowledge is synthetic if the world changes than the knowledge will be false. When you ask yourself how is the world it gives you science, and it has a scheme which organizes your experience and knowledge. When you act you engage in practical reasoning. A way you can tell if its a priori is if you make judgmenets of the necessity. It happens to be true. Other types of empirical beliefs you take them as necessary true. For ex. Interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees. But it could be not true in a different world. We compare our future with the present, so how do we know what happenes in the possible world. Jugdments are not only about the world we live in but also the possible world of things that could happen. A priori - judgments of necessity. All judgements of causality support incidents. A posteriori- from experience. Modality- reasoning on how to act. Deon
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