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PHL265 T Sept 20 2011 and W Sept 21 2011 HobbesChapters 14152021 and Kavka Reading NotesChapter 20 Of Dominion Paternal and Despotical a commonwealth by acquisition is that where the sovereign power is acquired by force acquired when men singly or plurally for fear of death or bonds give up their lives and liberty to a single power men who choose their sovereign do so for fear of one another and not of him who they institute when acquired by force men do fear their sovereign and choose him because of this both cases are motivated by fear he that promises has no right in the thing promised the rights and consequences of sovereignty are the same in both methods of acquisition p218 3 Dominionacquired in two ways by generation that which parent has over child is paternal in the state of nature the mother has dominion over the child because only she knows the father the child ought to obey him who preserve it he that has dominion over another also rules all that is his as well as him dominion acquired by conquest or victory in war is despotical master over servant relationship mans own covenant gives the right of despotical dominion rights and consequences of paternal and despotical dominion are the same with a sovereign by institute where a number of men are manifestly too weak to defend themselves united he must do his best to defend himself the sovereign is responsible to be judge to prescribe rules of discerning good and evil which rules are laws and so he has the legislative power the worst occurrence to a commonwealth is when its subjects disobey the covenants that form the commonwealthChapter 21 Of the Liberty of Subjects LibertyFreedomsignifies absence of opposition external impediments of motion and is applied to both rational and irrational beings Freemanhe who has the power to do what is in his strength and wit to do without hindrance at his
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