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A Ripstein

Sept/19/Lec 2: Hobbes (Leviathan): State of Nature Hobbes shows that the differences between human and animals makes humans more conflicted Hobbes doesn’t doubt the truth of religion - the nation inclination to religion just happens b/c people need an answer to the creator – we all think our religion is the most important in the world w/o having a clear idea of what we are taking about  religion is routed in the human mind/inclination All humans are equal in power (social equality/intelligence)  They are equally vulnerable to each other, nobody is so strong that a group couldn’t over power that person  Everyone poses the same physical threat to one another  People are equally intelligent in the sense that from your own perspective you think you are smart enough to achieve what you what First source of conflict in a state of nature: competition  Everyone reasons the same way/seeks their own advantage but there isn’t one to be had since they all think the same o Eg. peach tree o Eg. traffic: will traffic clear by the time the light turns red? You pull forward to your own advantage but instead everyone becomes disadvantaged o Eg. One person using car/AC doesn’t cause global warming, but if everyone does it then it will o Hobbes: All you’re doing is thinking to yourself I might as well do it to get an advantage (everyone thinks this way) but now everyone is at a disadvantage o Competition depends on the degree of scarcity (lack of items) of what people want (everyone is competing for the same thing) Second source of conflict in state of nature: glory  To honour someone is to treat them as powerful (large/small gifts)  The worth of a man is measured by the price others place on him (how much power
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