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INTRO TO COURSE Tips for writing assignments Use newer sources for better marks (3-4 years) Try to use outside references other than the ones given with assignment 3-4 pages Discuss the issue and make sure to use all the sources given with the assignment (plus more of my own) Right now we are using DSM-IV-TR for diagnostics, DSM-V is coming out this year. DSM-IV-TR is the newest version being used in NA right now, published by the American Psychiatric Association (different from the American Psychological Association- APA). The rest of the world uses I CD-10 for diagnostics. DSM-V is coming out because we needed a diagnostic manual that is compatible with ICD-10. The most common difference between psychologists and psychiatrists is the ability to prescribe meds. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe meds because they went to medical school. Psychologists cannot prescribe meds because they went to graduate school. There is a high co-morbidity with anxiety disorders and mood disorders Co-morbidity means pathologies that occur together All material up to week 4 will be testable on the midterm, midterm will th be February 15 ** Behaviour: things that you do Aggression, studying, memorizing Personality disorders are treatable, but do not go away LECTURE What is abnormal behaviour? Easy to recognize, but difficult to define Psychopathology #1. So the DSM uses statistical criteria to determine whether a behaviour is abnormal such as: Deviating from the norms (mean) on the normal curve Frequency of behaviour Scoring lower on IQ scales than their peers If you are in the 1/3 of the population that deviates from the norm, you are labeled abnormal (2/3 fall within the norm) For example, scoring below 70 on an IQ test would be 1 standard deviation below the mean, therefore the person would be labeled with the psychopathology of mental retardation DSM-IV only takes into account statistical criteria, DSM-V will take into account adaptability (ability to adapt behaviour to environment) This also needs to be considered when diagnosing This method has its issues, there are 2 ends to each curve Above average and below average So IQ o
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