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Jacob Weinrib

HLA Hart Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals (1958) Positivism  tries to define what law is without appealing to moral concepts of any kind Radbruch’s critique of positivism 1) positivism cant account or the validity of law 2) positivism is a morally dangerous doctrine – legal professions cant distinguish good/bad laws Hart – in favor of positivism – positivism is the only way to define law, in fact from a moral standpoint it is best if we are all legal positivists  Who was HLA hart? o 1970 Born in a Jewish family in London – experienced discrimination o lived a conflicting life, both wanted to change society but felt like he did not feel he was apart of society o 1929 Graduates from Oxford – was not as well off as most people at oxford o 1932-1940 Works as a successful lawyer o 1940 Works with British Military Intelligence during WWII o 1945 Begins teaching philosophy at Oxford o 1952 becomes Professor of jurisprudence at Oxford  What positivism does and does not claim o Positivism is a theory that insists on the separation of 2 basic questions  Is X a law?  Is X moral? o Separation Thesis  “the existence of law is one thing; its merit or demerit is another” – John Austin o Therefore there can be 4 combination: X is a law and moral, X is a law and not moral, X is not a law and not moral, or X is not a law and moral (moral act but not yet enacted into law) o Law – determined by its pedigree, was the law enacted according to rules for enacting law in that specific society o What positivism doesn’t claim  1) Positivism does not deny that morality has influenced law or that law has influenced morality 2) Nor does positivism deny that moral principles might be introduced into a legal system – it just separates the 2  The confusion of competing theories o “ What both Bentham and Austin were anxious to assert were the following two simple things: First, in the absence of an expressed constitutional or legal provisions, it could not follow from the mere fact that a rule violated standards of morality that it was not a rule of law; and, conversely, it could not follow form the mere fact that a rule was morally desirable that it was a rule of law” –pg 599 o Hart tries to revive Bentham and Austin’s lost theories of positivism o Unless you understand that the question of law and morality are separate, than you will get confused on what constitutes as a law or not o The separation thesis enables positivists to steer a middle path between two kinds of confusion:  Anarchism (Radbruch) – If something is immoral/ unjust, it cannot be law  Quietism – If something is law, it cannot be immoral/ unjust o These theories are inadequate because A – assumes that even if a law is a little bit unjust you have no duty to follow it therefore since many laws are not 100% just, no one has to obey them and society is free to not follow law Q- completely dismisses criticizing or evaluating laws all together o Hart wants to find a way to  Why is this theory progressive o “So Bentham and Austin were not dry analysts fiddling with verbal distinctions while cities burned, but were the vanguard of a movement which laboured with passionate intensity and much success to bring about a better society and better laws. Why then did they insist on the separation of law as it is and law as it ought to be?” – pg 596 o Answer: they wanted to have procession as legal reformers because they want to evaluate laws by a) is this a law b) is it a good law. Therefore they take a given law in their society a) was it enacted in the right procedure b) is it a good law (moral) if it is they leave it, if not then they try to restructure it
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