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Jacob Weinrib

Feb 25/13 John Stuart Mill He was seen as the greatest liberal or individualistic philosopher of that century. The harm principle is the key to many of his stances. Born into a family of many utilitarian reformers. Maximizes happiness for the greatest number of people Mill was raised to be a champion utilitarian. He was taught ancient greek at age 3. By the time he’s 11, he’s reading Plato, Newton, editing books and etc. It was his responsi- bility to teach his younger children everything that he was learning Liberty: Protection against political rulers? The ruler will use public power to pursue his own public interests. (to make him rich, ex- tend his power and/or etc) In the modern period, liberty takes on a different meaning. Before, it meant to live in a society that is not tyrannical. Mill notes that in the modern world - liberty has a more ex- pansive meaning. Seeking our own good in our own way - as long as it doesn’t impede on anyone else’s good. The problem in the ancient world was that there was no guarantee that power would be exercised in a way that serves the interest of everyone. The way power will be exercised will make it impossible for people to pursue their own good in their own eyes. One can discuss tyr
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