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Announcements: 1. In class essay will be returned in tutorial next week Todays Lecture: 2. Introduction to liberty and equality Our questions Retrant Charter rights 3. Berlin: What kind of liberty should the state protect? Negative liberty - what it is The state should protect it - within limits When someones negative liberty is sacrificed, there is an absolute loss Positive liberty - what it is The danger of positive liberty 4. Mill: what kind of liberty matters? Some negative liberties Positive liberty to pursue our own good in our own way 5. Mills harem principle What it is and why Mill thinks the state should respect it Should we as Canadians adopt the harem principle 1. Introduction to liberty and equality: 2. Two different kinds of liberty 1. Negative liberty 2. Positive liberty 3. Canadian case law: pertains about revision to the Charter-appendix I of the book o How the government ought to treat its citizens, not how citizens should treat each other o Rights to liberty and equality o Among rights to liberty Freedom of concience, religion, expression, opinion, peacefull assembly, association Life, liberty and security of their person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with section 7 o How should we understand these liberties? o What do we mean when we say that the state should protect these liberties o Among rights to equality: Every individual is equal before and under the law.... Ie. Right to not be discrimation So then what is discrimination o What is it to treat someone equally?
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