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phl 273 oct 29

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Phl 273 lec 6 oct 29  Religions and worldviews  How many ppl around the world view life through the lens of some religion o Christianity (all branches) 33% o Islam 21% o Then non religious 16% o Hinduism 14% o Indigenous religious 6% o Chinese 6% o Buddhism 6% o Sikhism 0.36% o Judaism 0.22%  1990 Open letter from scitist to religious community of the world: “preserving the earth: An appeal for joint commitment in scn and rlg o The env crisis requires radical changes not only in public policy but n individual behavior  Religions have a certain power in order to influence a person  What is religion? o Religion is not simply as a static set of ideas or practices that a group or community has about the world but a system of meaning; an orientation to the cosmos and our role in it that is lived and practiced through symbol systems, rituals, ethical norms, historical processes and institutional structures and that these connect humans with divine presence, with the human community and with the broader o No one follower just like the other o Cannot separate understaidng of rlg from its context (culture/history) o With regards to the env problems Evelyn Tucker says that religions are late, but necessary, its not sufficient but they complete something  Sensibility that humans come out of natural processes and we are deeply part and depend on air water and interaction of life and plants and animals  Her and john grim see the relationship with env and rlg as an international
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