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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

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Phl 273 lec 8 nov 19  Climate change and global warming o Climate change: an imbalance in the earth’s climate system o Change occurring at unprecedented rate; species may not adapt o Ex: of what happened to new York city; they weren’t expecting this to happen but it did and it was an example of what climatetologists are telling the public to be aware of as a consequence of global warming/climate change  Ocean Conveyor” Climate’s Achilles Heel (Broecker 1997) o Not uniform warming; rather, alternations in atmospheric circulation patterns and so some places become warmer and other’s become cooler o They look at changing water and air temperatures o On avg temperatures are going up globally; keep in mind that planet is changing and shifting in the world and according to scntists human activities have a huge effect on this shift and change  Green House Effect o Sunr ays come in and hit the earth and is absorbed by the earth and some are bounced off the earth and go up again in the atmosphere but the atmo is to protect us and blocks the sun rays from coming out and so there needs a balance of how much sun rays is coming and going back out o How do these things happen?  Sometimes it natural explosions like volcanoes  El nino; warm surface water int he pacific  What happens is that the warm patter moves in a diff pattern then it normally does; around Christmas warm water is generated and move and are disrupted and this nutrient pore moving to the south which displaces the normal temperature  IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change o They say global warming is very likely anthopogentically(human caused) caused  Ex: agriculture, burning of fossil fuels, factories, driving cars, deforestation o Created 1988 by World meterological Association and UNEP o Assessment Reports came out in 1990;1995 2001 and 2007 o 5 assessment report is coming  The avg global temperatures have increasedhockey stick  GHG rising; co2 and methane at high concentrations than any time in past 420000 yrs o No scntists dispute this o Since 1980 glaciers have lost on avg more mass than it has gained o Snow cover in northern hemisphere decreased by 10% since 1996 o McGibben says that warmest may on record for northern hemisphere in 2012-11-19  327 consecutive month in a row to have temperatures exceeds in the 21th century o Kyoto: Canada originally signed on to reduce emissions by 6%, overall avg emissions to be 94.8 % relative to 1990 lvls  Steven harper took us off o COP15 (2009): increase in global temperature should be below two degrees Celsius o Even if we stopped increasing CO2 now, the temperature would likely still rise another 8 degrees.. McKibben o Biggest problem is the financial gain  Existing oil and gas reserves are already an investment  The five biggest oil companies have more than 1$ trillion in profits since the millennium there’s simply too much money to be made an oil and gas and coal to go chasing after zephyrs and sunbeams..McKibben  His solution is to launch a campaign against oil and gas companies  Follow the example of refusing to do business in South Africa during time of apartheid regime  Perhaps change the carbon pricing: internalize externalities o For ex: taxing factories that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or increasing gas prices  G.O Engineering; change patterns, ideally and globally; a
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