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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Phl 273lec 5 oct 22 ecofeminisim  Ecofeminism is short for ecological feminism. Whether radical or liberal eco feminists share a belief that the oppression of women is in some way linked to the domination of nature  They are not so much anthropocentric; they argue for the relationship between humans and animals and the space in between; they look to define the relationship o They say that its not only Christianity that is to blame for a anthropocentric view but also a tendacy through human history for males to be placed above women; this is integrally related to the comment” the earth is something to be conquered” o They argue that that western plot, both nature and women have been oppressed; they see women related and somewhat equivalent to nature  They are very critical as to how this western worldview culminates in this world views o They look at people like francis bacon and seek comments like: o Scn seeks to establish a chaste and lawful marriage between mind and nature o I come in very truth leading to u nature with all her children to bind her all children to bind her to your service and make her ur slave o “scn and tec don’t “merely exert a gentle guidance over nature’s course; they have the power to conquer and subdue her to shake her to her foundations  The book think fast and think slow o Two ways of thinking: 1. System 1 thinking: immediate, recognizing thinking  Ex: when you see a lady with a grumpy attitude and physically stressed; you know she is mad, you didn’t need to think about it, it was obvious right from her body language o System 2: slow and rational deliberative analysis/thinking  Ex: 34+73=?  Historical overview of eco feminism o 1848 women’s rights/right to vote; in 1920 women were able to vote in USA o In 1918: act in cnda to confer electoral franchise upon women o The term eco feminism first used by francoise d’eaubonne in 1974 o In USA, only after 1980’s was a husband charged if he raped his wife o Globally women still battle discrimination.  Ex: prostitution, human trafficking, raped,  In 1997, women in Afghanistan were unable to leave home, they were not allowed to work outside of the home, no university and if they were to leave the house they had to leave with a man as well as covered from head to toe revealing only their eyes  Liberal feminists: all humans possess the same nature as free and rational beings; unequal treatment of women denies this fact and is unjust o Based on ideals of liberal democracy  Marxists feminists: they speak of the inequality of labour and workplaces o Women are oppressed b/c they’re neglect to domestic forms of labour. Solution: become full and equal participation  Radical feminists: domination of women is so basic that simple reformation of existing political structures inadequate o Sometimes emphasize “unisex” other times, celebrate the feminine in an ethic of care  Val Plumwood and Karen Warren propose: o 1. First wave = liberal feminism  Problem: require women to adopt masculine ideals for example like wearing pants/suits o 2. Second wave= the “uncritical reversal” of feminists that celebrate and promote distinctive female point of view  Problem: women were being seen as provocative  From this came; women should dress however they want o 3. Third wave= eco feminism  3 themes eco feminism bring to the table o 1. Logic of domination  Its a predominant notion that everything can be explained through logic  Idea of hierarchal thinking  Value dualisms  Power-over conceptions of power  Conceptions of privilege that systematically adv the advtgd (ups in up/down dualisms) ex: women down men up, nature down humanity up  The logic of the logic of domination: Val Plumwood argues against this  Humans do plants do not have the capacity to consciously change the community in which they live  Whatever has this capacity is morally superior to whatever doesn’t have it  Humans are morally superior to plants and rocks  Additional logic; Val Plumwood argues against this logic/additional of denomination  Women are identified with nature and the realm of the physical; men are identified with the human and the realm of the mental o Women are associated with nature because we reproduce, mother nature, nurturing  Whatever is identified with nature and the realm of the physical is inferior to below what
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