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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

PHL273 Monday September 12 , 2011 th Lecture 1 INTRODUCTION “The environment is not just the matter for science or economics, it is a moral matter.” – Al Gore - We have responsibility (to what and why) This course attempts to ask the question “what counts as a moral matter” Anthropocentric (human-centered) Baxter is an economic anthropocentric. Uses cost-benefit analysis When you say penguins matter they only matter as to how they matter to human beings. Environmental ethicists say that we need to extend that anthropocentric perspective to include other animals who can feel pleasure and pain. Utilitarianism – judges the rightness and wrongness of an action by using cost- benefit to determine what gives the most happiness (utility) A utilitarianist would say that animals count and should be under this umbrella of what counts; but maybe we can do a cost-benefit analysis to see if an animal suffers how it affects human suffering Deontology – a question of duty, rights, and principles based A deontologist would say the rights based theory should extend it to animals and say that animals have rights and matters as well. Bio-Centrism – life itself matters Eco-Centrism – people say we should be valuing the earth, ecosystems ASSIGNMENTS 1. Group Work/Participations = 10%
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