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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

PHL273 lecture 1 sep 17 2012  Saving penguins o Thanks to eudy and tula hundreds of volunteers from warrnambool coastcare landcare group counted:  600 penguinds in 1999  4 penguins in 2005  180 in 2010  so what tula and eudy did worked; they protected chickens and their owner offered to put their dogs near these penguins and so the dogs protected the penguins and the population of the penguins increased  according to baxter people would only save these penguins because they are cute and economically they can bring tourists to certain locations which would bring more money into the location o there is no value to the penguins independently o env problems are economics problems-baxter  no intrinsic value o env problems may also result in individual problems because of health  ex: pollutionasthma o people are going to care about the env if u connect it to the person themselves  ppl will care about pollution if theyre having problems breathing due to pollution  again this is a selfish act of caring because people only care once it affects the person o if someone isn’t affected by pollution they wont care as much for others that have problems breathing because of the pollution o baxter says its unrealistic to say that we will have 100% clean air  but it is better to reduce the pollution at least  trying to keep pollution at an optimal level where it is not 100% clean but its not 100% contaminated  and while trying to reduce it they look at the costs and benefits o optimal=just those amounts that attend a sensible organized society thoughtfully and knowledgeably purusing the greatest possible satisfaction for its human members  costs= foregone opportunities ex: penguins over school programs?  Its good to put money into saving penguins but there needs to be an optimal level (a balance) because then we won’t have money for others things that may be more important like day care or school programs  When talking about costs it’s not only the costs of saving or not saving the penguins but its also about how the costs or money going to save the penguins and could affect another area of the env like education  Consumerism and anthropocentrism o Were so use to buying things. Why not buy something that is not materialistic  Ex: buy a tree or donate money to plant a tree or sponsor a child  What is economic anthropocentrism? o The view that free markets can serve all genuine env values o Two major approaches  Cornucoprian  Julian simon  “human ingenuity is the ultimate resource”  Shortage of resources doesn’t mean everyone should go crazy it just gives us incentives of finding other ways to making other stuff o Ex: electric cars instead of gasoline driven cars  He said humans are smart and therefore should not fear the word finite or resource depletion o Don’t worry about it were going to find creative ways in order to minimize pollution were smart  Matsthusian  Builds on the influence of Garrett Hardin  Privatization can protect resources  Were not so smart; were selfish  People think about themselves; people don’t care about the future generations as long as they don’t have to suffer now o Tradegy of commons: when people don’t realize their impact on the env and instead they think its convient for them now  Ex: driving a car, if everyone thinks shot term the pollution will continue to increase; ppl drive cause its easier and if everyone think this way then pollution will increase and we’ll be in trouble in the long term  Nuts game: 6 ppl around a bowl of nuts and the organizer told them grab as much as u can but if u leave nuts in the bowl then it will be multiplied at the nd of the game for you in the future; at end of game no nuts left which Malthusian would say is because ppl=selfish  Privitazation o It says
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