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November 4, 2009 Bentham-4 different types of pleasure: 1)Simple Pleasures ex. physical pleasure, they are discrete items and you can have several at a time, these may be qualitatively different ex. Eating chocolate vs. sun tanning, but they share a common quality of pleasantness 2)Overall Good Mood, it permeates your consciousness so that you can’t have more than one at the same time ex. You can’t be in a good mood and bad mood at once 3)Particular Pleasures ex. Pleasure that people laughed at your joke 4)Overall Life Satisfaction -all involve pleasantness or buzz, pleasure is one intrinsic good, and pain is one intrinsic evil, hedonism makes the stronger claim that pleasure is the only good and pain the only evil. Value of different types of pleasure: View 1)in principle they are all equally good, given the same intensity and duration, physical pleasure is just as good as life-satisfaction, there may be difference along the two dimensions ex. Physical pleasures are intense but they don’t last long, while life-satisfaction tends to be more lasting but not so intense. -equally intense pleasures of all types are equally good with they’re felt, or assuming their duration is the same View 2)Certain pleasures are more valuable than others Hedonism-makes the strong claims that pleasure is the only good and pain the only evil. Two objections to this: 1)morally vicious pleasures ex. Torturer’s sadistic pleasure in victim’s pain -hedonism says this pleasure makes overall situation better than if the torturer were indifferent 2)mindless pleasures ex. Odyssey Experience Machine (parallel to the Matri
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