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moore and metaethical views

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Ethics Lecture November 30, 2011 Moore and Metaethical views G.E. Moore • Autonomous ethicist/non-naturalism • Its okay that ethical terms are distinct from anything else we can verify scientifically and there are still ethical truths even though we can’t measure them under a microscope • Ross is an intuitionist; he says that any mature rational angent simply sees that such commands as don’t lie and be beneficent have a claim on us- infallible moral intuitions • Moore think that we are not infallible • He agrees that consequentialism is the ideal moral theory; but not a hedonist- doesn’t think the definition of good we ought to maximize is simply pleasure What is good? • Good as the foundation of ethics; he wants to understand what is at the heart of ethics • Like Stevenson, he realizes its hard to define ‘good’ o Casuistry: application of the word good to other things that is on a case by case basis; in different instances. These are incredibly important because it is the job of ethics o Verbal definition: we can define it as the dictionary or what things are good [what properties good picks out- still a problem] he says we can look at how the word good is used but its not a definition of good because that’s what Stevenson is trying to do o The naturalistic fallacy: proceeding with ethics from natu
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